Statistics Of Note

Reaching $1,000,000 by 65

The sooner your start, the better…investment needed at various ages to reach $1M by 65, assuming a hypothetical 7% annual growth rate*:

Reaching $5,000,000 by 65


Over 1 in 4 of today’s 20-year olds will become disabled before reaching retirement age*, 38% of these disabilities will last longer than 5 years**

Long-Term Care

Over 50% of all Americans will need long-term care in their lifetime^, only 12% of baby boomers have adequate resources to pay for LTC^^


At least 1 person in a couple aged-65 has a better than 50% chance of living to 90, health care costs have grown 149% since 2000, more than 4x the growth in average income (Prudential) - many pensions and retirement plans do not factor in such steep increases in life expectancy and health care costs

*Social Security Administration (3/18/2011), **CDA Personal Disability Quotient Calculator,
^Americans for LTC Security (08/99), ^^MetLife Mature Market Institute Survey of Baby Boomers (2005)